Nest Psychology therapists offer one-to-one counselling to adults experiencing a variety of concerns such as anxiety, depression, overwhelm, shame, guilt, and trauma/PTSD. Part of the counselling process is hearing your story and learning about your unique reasons for seeking counselling. Through the counselling process, we identify those aspects contributing to being stuck, introduce alternative ways for thinking and being, as well as map out helpful strategies.


Perinatal counselling assists women and men experiencing concerns related to fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, as well as adjustment to parenthood. Both therapists at Nest Psychology have practical experience working with perinatal populations and have taken advanced training to further assist their clients.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your reasons for seeking counselling and how we can help you.


Counselling is more accessible through both video and phone sessions.

We recognize that everyone’s needs differ and that circumstances arise that hinder the ability to attend in-office sessions. Therefore, we also offer telephone and video sessions (through a secure platform) as alternative ways for those individuals living in Alberta to receive counselling. This enables access as well as continuity of mental health care.